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RESILIENCE 12/2021 Please join us for a special ceremony....celebrating and saying good bye to 2021 and setting intentions for the new year of 2022. we will be focusing on resilience....overcoming challenges and setting your mind on positive energy flow ...connect with your inner and outer energies and celebrate life with ice baths, fire exposure, yoga and breath work.  Limited spaces available, please reserve your space! EVENTO DE RESILIENCIA 12/2021 ...una ceremonia especial para despedirnos de 2021 y celebrar el inicio de una año nuevo!!! con baño de hielo, yoga, respiracion, circulo de intenciones y manifestaciones y mucho más! cupo limitado, por favor reservar su espacio!


We offer an inspirational experience, an unforgetable memory, a reawakening of your body, mind and soul. Moments filled with laughter, tears, astonishment, empowerment, happiness, gratitude and release. Feel alive, refreshed, amazing, stronger and more resistant – enjoy this present to yourself, enhancing health and wellbeing on the physical, emotional and mental level by emerging into a new adventure, a new challenge, practising: YOGA, BREATH WORK & ICE BATH following the principal guide lines of the Wimhof Method. Celebrate life with this exeptional ceremony held at the most beautfiful beach at Palmilla, Los Cabos, with the most incredible view and ocean swim, or at your home or hotel. D uration: approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes