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please contact/whatsapp: 624 1740883 for appointment Experience a professional, therapeutic, holistic whole   body massage  i n the comfort  of your holiday home!   Thai Massage offers  healing relaxation through  acupressure  along the  12 Meridian  energy  lines of  our  body  and uses many  alignment postures,  twists  and  stretches from  t he yoga,  enhancing  adjustments  and pain relief.  Thai Massage   includes reflexology on feet,  hands,  ears  and head.  Feels amazingly  soothing, reenergizing and healing.  Recommended: 90min.  Please wear c omfortable sportswear. No sex, no sensual treatments.  CERTIFICATIONS Level I, II and III Tradi tional Thai Massage (Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2022) Thai Chair Massage (Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2017) Lana Advanced Stretching (Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2017)   Deep Tissue (Los Cabos, Mexico, 2019) Feet reflexology (Los Cabos, 2o19) Hot stones (Los Cabos, 2020) Cupping/Ventosas (Los Cabos, 2021) Sports Massage (Los Cabos, 2021)  Thai Massage is heal

regular YOGA classes in SJC

Y todos los sábados @ Mercado Organico 9am * community yoga @ organic Market, San Jose del Cabo 9 AM SATURDAYS: flow yog a Private one-on-one or group classes.  Please call 6241740883 or whatsapp for more information.  FACEBOOK *** highly recommended ***

YOGA@organic market SJC

9am Saturdays: community yoga @ the organic market , San Jose del Cabo