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It seems that especially surfers have great condition and strength but are often lacking flexibility and the awareness of the breath. YOGA 4 SURFERS focuses on active body alignment, neck and shoulder movements, forward bends, chest and hip openers  in order to relax spine and lower back.  YOGA 4 SURFERS feels great, relaxing and supports body alignment, flexibility and conscious breathing (pranayama) and surely, improves the surfing performance ; enhancing strength in arms and legs, relaxing and gently loosening neck and shoulder, lenghtening the spine and feeling calm by the pure awareness of the breath and moment. The YOGA 4 SURFERS sessión includes hand-on alignment and adjustment body work, incooperating the practices of thai massage. Feels great and helps you find your center and your flexibility.  YOGA 4 SURFERS can be taught at your private (vaccation) home or at the beach @ costa azul - the favorite surf spot in San José del Cabo - before or after your surf sess


STAND UP PADDLE BOARD YOGA SUP YOGA means to get on a stand up paddle board and paddling out to a line where the boards are attached (otherwise you would move away from you spot with the wind and ocean current). The idea is to stay on the board (so you don´t necessarily get wet) finding your balance and inner center and exploring different yoga poses (asanas). The movement of the asanas is rather slow, keeping the pose simple and focusing on deep breaths, stability and connection with the elements_breathing fresh ocean air, being out on the water and feeling inner and outer energies synergize. THE SUP RENTAL IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE SUP YOGA SESSION. Also, on request, swim wests are offered _ for non-swimmers and kids. LOCATION: Beautiful and tranquil setting @ Ganzo de Playa Beach Club Protected and sheltered bay, the best spot in San Jose del Cabo to practice SUP YOGA. Parking facilities. 5 min walk to the beach. All you need is: comfy yoga