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Experience a professional, therapeutic, holistic whole body massage in the comfort of your holiday home! 
Thai Massage offers healing relaxation through acupressure along the 12 Meridian energy lines of our body and uses many alignment postures, twists and stretches from the yoga,  enhancing adjustments and pain relief. Thai Massage includes reflexology on feet, hands, ears and head. 
Feels amazingly soothing, reenergizing and healing. 
Recommended: 90min. Please wear comfortable sportswear. No sex, no sensual treatments. 

Level I, II and III Traditional Thai Massage (Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2022)
Thai Chair Massage (Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2017)
Lana Advanced Stretching (Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2017) 
Deep Tissue (Los Cabos, Mexico, 2019)
Feet reflexology (Los Cabos, 2o19)
Hot stones (Los Cabos, 2020)
Cupping/Ventosas (Los Cabos, 2021)
Sports Massage (Los Cabos, 2021) 

Thai Massage is healing relaxation through acupressure, working with the 12 meridian lines as described in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian system: “They are bilateral, symmetrically placed, channels, running like major energy highways, on both sides of the body, even if the organ they supply is only on one side. Like blood vessels, they serve every major organ and body system but instead of carrying blood they carry chi .” Thai massage includes reflexology on feet, hands, ears and head as therapeutic treatment for physical, emotional or mental problems. It is a holistic healing therapy which prevents and regenerates chronic illnesses, improves our immune system, balances our hormone system, reduces fatigue, stimulates organs and muscles and a better energy flow.



  1. Stephanie was understanding, accommodating, I felt very welcomed, safe, seen & heard. The Thai/Yoga massage was exactly what I needed. Stephanie also recommended few things to do in the area & invited me to beach yoga class. Very Grateful for the experience.


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